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Four Unique Christmas Decor Items to Purchase for the Home

The holidays are often spent with family, decorating the home to get into the spirit of Christmas. Typical decorations can be purchased from stores, but they will resemble the items found in most other houses. Families looking to spruce things up and try a more rustic look for Christmas can choose four Christmas decor items from Sonora.

Wood Ornaments

Christmas decor in Sonora includes a variety of wooden items. Wood ornaments are a popular choice, as they can be personalized easily. A wood Christmas star is one possible ornament type, while a typical ball form is also available. Many come already decorated, with phrases of Merry Christmas painted on them. Customers can ask for the plain wood form so they can personalize the ornament themselves, such as with their family’s last name or the year it was added to their tree.


Theme Trees

A typical green tree that is not yet decorated is the most common type people get for Christmas. Through Sonora, families can choose from an assortment of theme trees. These are trees that are already decorated in a unique way. One may utilize traditional Christmas colors of green and red, while the other is done all in white.

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Wooden Wreaths

Rather than using a traditional green wreath, a wooden wreath can take its place on the door. It still provides a common decorative item, but it provides the rustic look many people enjoy. One wreath option is made to look like intertwined deer antlers. It is an ideal decoration for a hunter.


Wood Houses

Many people use a collection of small houses and shops as a decoration for their counter-tops and tables. These houses are often painted bright colors and look realistic. An alternative option is to use basic wood houses. The trees surrounding it may be painted green, and white snow can cover the roof, but the rest of the decoration will be left in its original wooden form. It provides a simple, yet satisfying look.

Families looking to spruce up their holidays with some unique ornaments can visit Sonora Lumberyard to find a wide collection of items from their Christmas store. They offer wooden products and rustic designs that will provide a distinct Christmas look for the home.


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